Rules In Maintenance

Cleaning Services  &  Handyman

A clean space helps to work efficiently !


The cleaning is under the control of a responsable. We inspect and meet regularly with our customers.

Janitorial services

For the waste, we applicate always a tri-selection, and if needed we help to organize the waste procedure with our customers.


If you have some small jobs around in your office, WE CAN FIX IT !


RIM cleaning services

Office Cleaning

Communs Runs

Window & Facade Cleaning

First Cleaning, after renovation works


Free Consultation

You can always ask us for a free offer. 

Our history

RIM has been active since 2009 and offers cleaning, garden maintenance and handyman services. Our teams are composed of people with many years of experience in their fields, thanks to which we have obtained a good reputation which we are very proud of, and we continue our efforts to always offer quality services.

Our main activity is cleaning, but we have also developed property services activities to better meet the expectations of our customers and especially to simplify their operation (spoc).

Our customers have the opportunity to call on us for:

A unique service: we offer a personalized service in a sector specific to each of our clients.

Integrated Property Services: an offer project is developed on the basis of multi-services. Everything is coordinated with a single point of contact (spoc = simplicity) to meet the different needs of the customer (diversity and flexibility).

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